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Aug '10

Come On and Feel the Illinoise

Having exhausted all the cultural and gastronomic delights that St. Louis has to offer (or, at the very least, spent 48 hours in one place), I decided it was time to press on and head towards the rising sun. Far from the wearying funk that came from the record-toeing heat wave and the rolling spikes […]

Aug '10

St. Louis is Listening, Part 2: A Vagabond’s Picks

I’ve always found giving tourist advice in San Francisco to be problematic; usually the visitor, whether a traveler met on the road on their way to my fair city or a houseguest whose belongings are already strewn around the spare bedroom, will ask a loaded and troubling question like “What should we do while we’re […]

Aug '10

Grumpy and the Lutherans

A Kansas vignette. Brewster, KS, population 285, population density 1,131/sq mi. The sun hangs heavily in the late afternoon sky as I cross the railroad tracks I’ve been paralleling and pull into town. It’s not difficult to find the main street and on that, the tavern: Grumpy’s Bar. I enter, still breathing heavily and dripping […]

Aug '10

Children of the Corn

After I left my familial mountain sanctuary I road down the foot hills of the Rockies, aiming toward that mile-high city, Denver. Heading there instead of going straight east from Loveland was a last-minute decision, but I was swayed by the opportunity to again see my friends Jeff and Allie, just back from their entirely […]

Aug '10

A Retreat From the World

When people ask me my favorite place in the world — a question I like for its openness to interpretation and its ability to reveal a persons ideals and priorities — I respond that for me the title is shared by the Amalfi Coast of Italy and being at the top of the world in […]

Jul '10

The Cruise: Colorado to Mexico

Hola, amigos. I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but life’s been throwing me more curves than a Sir Mix-a-lot video. Since I got fired from my job at the carbonics plant a couple a weeks ago I’ve been rolling with my buddy Will and he asked me to write […]

Jul '10

The Grand Canyon

I… was wrong. That’s hard for me to say, but I admit it here, in public. That was the stupid joke I expected myself to make when standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon for the first time. Sure, I knew I’d be impressed by the  depth and scale of the whole thing, but […]

Jun '10

Spotlight: Baker, Great Basin, and the Midwest

Of all the small towns I’ve seen so far on this tour, Baker, NV is the one I’d most like to stay in. I rolled in 5 miles after leaving highway 50, and before I even entered the town I saw and pulled into the Great Basin National Park visitor center. After learning what the […]