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Sep '10

The Most Unlikely House In The Woods…

Paoli, Indiana: halfway between Illinois and Kentucky and a million miles from San Francisco. Wikipedia alleges the town to have a few thousand people, but it carries itself as a much smaller place. I pulled in during the waning hours of the afternoon heat and, not seeing any obvious camping spots, determined to meet a […]

Aug '10

St. Louis is Listening, Part 1: Vagabond’s Yelp

Finally, a City! St. Louis was to be my refuge, my island of escape from the the isolation, the “rural charm”, the hills, and most of all, the heat of southern Missouri. On this charge it succeeded. The presumed lack of camping options in downtown St. Louis meant that for the first time in 6 […]

Aug '10

Grumpy and the Lutherans

A Kansas vignette. Brewster, KS, population 285, population density 1,131/sq mi. The sun hangs heavily in the late afternoon sky as I cross the railroad tracks I’ve been paralleling and pull into town. It’s not difficult to find the main street and on that, the tavern: Grumpy’s Bar. I enter, still breathing heavily and dripping […]

Aug '10

Children of the Corn

After I left my familial mountain sanctuary I road down the foot hills of the Rockies, aiming toward that mile-high city, Denver. Heading there instead of going straight east from Loveland was a last-minute decision, but I was swayed by the opportunity to again see my friends Jeff and Allie, just back from their entirely […]

Aug '10

A Retreat From the World

When people ask me my favorite place in the world — a question I like for its openness to interpretation and its ability to reveal a persons ideals and priorities — I respond that for me the title is shared by the Amalfi Coast of Italy and being at the top of the world in […]

Jun '10

The Watermelons of Cedar City

On Saturday evening I was meandering the street of Baker trying to decide which restaurant I wanted to serve me dinner when from across the road I spied two bicycles, loaded and sagging with touring gear. I crossed to the porch of the Lectrolux Cafe and introduced myself to my soon-to-be friends and riding companions. […]

Jun '10

English Lads and Water

An unmentioned bit of yesterday: as I was approaching Fallon, NV, chugging up another slow, friendly hill, I spied two errant cyclists headed westward. Once the road returned to its normal carless state, they rolled to my side of the asphalt strip and introduced themselves. Will and Alex, from Kenya and London respectively, are friends […]

Jun '10

Spotlight: Genoa, NV, Gateway to California

Over Carson Pass, I dropped down, down down into the open west. For 10 miles I rode my brakes along the twists and turns of US-88, until I reached Genoa. Literally the western edge of the Great Basin, Genoa was the first settlement in Nevada and the last stop for westward-bound settlers before they entered […]

Jun '10

Spotlight: Davis, CA, Bicycle Mecca

I felt Davis about 10 miles before I saw signs of the city itself. Far out in the country, surrounded by farmland and trees, I discovered a bike path heading straight into the heart of town. This is no accident — Davis, a city of only 11 square miles, is home to over 100 miles […]