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Jul '12

These are a few of our favorite Mongolians


A young sports fan at the Naadam. Swear to god, he’s only a couple of years away from competing.


A nomadic herder we met on the steppe. He was with his sheep, his horse, and his dog. Pretty sure there’s a country song in there somewhere.


The hippest guy in Mongolia.  He took us to the airport twice. His interests include looking awesome, rocking out, and not giving a damn.


The nerdiest guy in Mongolia. We nicknamed him “AV Club”. Robin loves him.


The President. Oh hey, did we mention that we saw the President of Mongolia?! He’s the little guy in the gray suit. He arrived at the Ulaangom airport just as we were leaving (on the same all-coach plane that he came in). We have him to thank for us getting a jet instead of a prop plane, though.


The gold-medal wrestler of the Naadam, who was on the same flight as the President. People were way more excited to see this guy. Think of him as the Mongolia Michael Phelps, only five times bigger.


Mongol Android.  He has a new hat! Cutest Android ever? Probably.

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