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Jun '12

Happy Birthday Kev-Bo!

Kevin and his Uncle Dave were on the same flights as us to Kamchatka, so we got to get to know K-Bear, a recent college graduate from Oregon, and his Uncle Dave, the Almond King of Bakersfield, even before our expedition started. As you can see from this rad photo, Kevin is quite the badass. What you can’t see is that explaining the term “badass” to our Russian guides and crew produced much hilarity. Sadly, this is one of the last photos of Kev-Bo from the trip. His Uncle Dave broke his ankle on the last day of the trek. After sticking it out for two more full days, Dave had to be evacuated and Kevin went too. The wilderness is a tough place to be with an injury — just getting to the bathroom or the dining tent can involve some tricky ground. Amazingly, Dave stuck it out with that busted ankle for two days before he decided that he needed to get flown out and get some proper medical attention. It was the right call, but we missed Kevin and Dave a lot after they left.


Kevin, looking like a “bad-ass” (a tricky phrase to translate into Russian)

Kevin’s birthday was June 15th, and celebrated in tribute from the shores of the Zhupanova. Our chef-cook Sasha produced a white cake layered with jam and covered in pink strawberry frosting. Our lead Russian guide Artyom (who also had a birthday during the expedition) told us that he always wished that for his birthday someone would present him with a giant bag of sweets, and he pulled out just such a giant bag of sweets in celebration. We nominated Artyom as Kevin in absentia to blow out the birthday candles.


Artyom (whose birthday we also celebrated during our expedition) blowing out K-Bear’s candles.


You can see from the look of us that it was cold, raining, and it had been a hard day on the river. But nothing was going to stop us from rocking it out in honor of Kevin.  Happy Birthday!

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