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Aug '10

Shout Out: SportRx


I wore contacts for about a year in high school, but between the inconvenience of dealing with them and the fact that without glasses on I look permanently stoned (honest, Mom, it’s just how my eyes look!) I’ve been bespectacled for nearly my entire life. Honestly, I enjoy wearing glasses, and there’s only one time I really regret it: sport. All my friends get to throw on their Oakleys while I squint into the sun.

Not anymore. Before my bike trip I looked into prescription sport sunglasses, but all of them were more expensive than my Scottish blood was happy with — usually $300 and up. Then, I stumbled onto SportRX, a company in San Diego that actually grinds their own sport lenses (a distinct rarity in this business), all for a pittance: I ordered a complete pair of poly-carb glasses for $80. I figured that for this price, I could afford to gamble on the internet.

To my chagrin, I never got the glasses. SportRX shipped them, and our wonderful USPS marked the package as delivered, but it never came through the door of my workplace; it was lost in the postal ether. Since this was only a couple of days before my departure, I wrote off the glasses as a lost cause.

Weeks later, I finally got around to calling SportRX. The phone rang and then I was talking to Gabby.

“Hi, I ordered a pair of glasses and never got them,” I started. “I know it’s not your fault, so I’d like to order another pair. I’m in the middle of a cross-country bike ride and they’d be really nice to have.”

“Oh no! Why didn’t you call earlier?!” Gabby said. “You poor boy. We can file a claim for that package. Don’t worry, we’ll get you your glasses!”. Gabby uses a lot of exclamation marks. “I’ll take care of this myself and get them made tomorrow; you just tell me where to ship them and we’ll get them to you ASAP.” We then spent the next twenty minutes discussing my bike trip and her daughter’s plans & desires to bike the length of the Americas as a film project. Gabby is a very nice woman.

I got the glasses at my grandparents’ house in Colorado, and they’ve been a godsend since then. They will now be required kit for all my future biking and hiking adventures, and I fully expect to buy a second pair, perhaps of a different style, as spares. They’re not the most stylish frames I’d choose or the perfect fit — I did buy them over the internet, after all — but they carry my prescription perfectly and do it for 1/4 the price of the competitors.

A few years ago I read and article on how to provide remarkable customer service — literally, customer service so good that people remark on hit. Well, here I am remarking. SportRX provides a good product for an exceptional price, and they do it with real opticians taking care of you, the customer, internet be damned. If you are like I was, with not an Oakley to your poor-eyesighted name, click over now and treat yourself to some shade. Even better, give them a call. Ask for Gabby, and tell her that Will sent you.


Oh, blessed sight!