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May '10

Dry Run Napa Valley

With departure day, June 15, just over two weeks away (and with me being out of town each of the next two weekends) I needed start getting prepared, now. I wanted to do a thorough check of my gear, practice packing, and make sure everything I’m carrying is going to work as a system when […]

May '10

World Bicycle Relief

I’ve added a new link to the sidebar of this site; that link is all you need to click to help me raise money for World Bicycle Relief. Crossing the country the slow way gives me an amazing chance to talk to new people, and many of those will be surprised by what one can […]

May '10

So Here’s The Plan

I’m gonna get on my bike, and ride. Roughly along that line, and roughly along these dates: June 15, I take off on my bike from San Francisco. July 4th I see the Grand Canyon for the first time (where I will undoubtedly comment to myself that it’s a pretty good canyon, but…). July 15th […]